February 7, 2016 3:10 pm

KP and I took a little trip to Laos over New Years. We met up in Luang Prabang and spent the next ten days visiting some really beautiful and remote places in the northern part of the country. We travelled by bus, boat, and tuk-tuk, and got to do a little hiking, a little cycling, and a lot of relaxing. Below I’ve included some of our favorite pictures from the trip.

Overlooking the Nam Khan river.

A woman selling oranges from the back of a pickup truck.

After a nervewracking bus ride we arrived at the stunning village of Nong Khiaw.

The first thing we did was hike for a couple of hours up to a viewpoint to catch the sunset.

Hiking back through the jungle at dusk.

A couple of times each week there is a national lottery in Laos. These young girls are selling tickets.

Morning view from our guesthouse.

Cycling the countryside around Nong Khiaw.

Cat friend!

Nong Khiaw has two ATMs, but this one seems to be turned off most of the time.

Waiting for the boat to Muang Ngoi.

A crowded 1.5 hour cruise upriver toward the tiny village of Muang Ngoi.

Kids playing soccer on the main (and only) road in town.

The US secret war in Laos in the 60's and 70's left behind millions of unexploded cluster bombs. It's not uncommon to see bombshells on display, sometimes repurposed as garden planters.

Makeshift streetlights.

We took a hike from Muang Ngoi to see some of the scenery and nearby villages.

Dry rice fields.

This village recently got electricity after some industrious residents built their own impressive hydroelectric dams.

Tham Kang cave, near the village of Muang Ngoi.

On our last day we visited the incredible Kuang Si Falls.

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