January 11, 20223:17 pm
I’ve been working with Tibi for more than a decade. Below is small sample of work from the last two years. Many thanks to Creative Director Amy Smilovic, Art Director Byron Fredericks, Stylists Dione Davis and Sarah Brody, Producers Courtney Hall and Stella Pyles, and all of the incredible models, hair and makeup artists I’ve…

Patricia Pistner – Collectors’ Island

April 3, 20212:34 pm
Text by Annalisa Merelli There is, once Patricia Pistner has her mind set on something, no stopping her. In 1990, she started working on a doll house: she dreamed up an impossibly detailed miniature mansion with replicas of antique furniture and carpets, a masterpiece of historical research and craft so accurate the Naples Art Museum…

Daniel Rozensztroch – Collectors’ Island

March 15, 202111:43 am
Daniel Rozensztroch is a collector of household utensils. His apartment in the Marais district of Paris is filled with a beautiful curation of common objects such as knives, glassware, hairbrushes, herring pots, oil lamps, spoons, hangers, pottery and toothbrushes.   “I do not believe that I have the soul of a collector,” Daniel Rozensztroch said.…

Akin Gökyay – Collectors’ Island

March 2, 20214:44 pm
Akin Gökyay has the largest collection of chess sets in the world. He began collecting in 1975 on a business trip to Milan where he bought his first set. In the 46 years that followed his work took him to every corner of the earth, and he bought chess sets everywhere he went. With the…

John Visentin – Fortune Magazine

May 21, 202012:49 pm
In early March I photographed John Visentin, the CEO of Xerox, for Fortune magazine. Many thanks to Photo Editor Alexandra Scimecca.

The Ferrari Factory – WIRED Italy

May 7, 20201:59 pm
Back in mid February, just a week before Italy became the epicenter of the Covid-19 crisis, I spent the morning at the Ferrari factory on assignment for WIRED Italy. This story is about the use of cobots, which are collaborative robots intended to interact with humans in a shared workspace. This story was part of…

Robot Waitress – WIRED Italy

May 1, 20201:45 pm
Back in February, on assignment for WIRED Italy , I spent an evening photographing a robot that serves sushi. I got the sense that it was more of a gimmick than a way of increasing productivity, and the humans working that night didn’t seem worried that “she” (🙄) would be taking their jobs any time…

Esports – WIRED Italy

April 10, 20205:22 pm
Back in mid-February, I photographed some kids for WIRED Italy who make a living playing video games. These pictures were taken in an esports bar in Bergamo, the small town that, just days later, became the epicenter of the Covid-19 crisis. I hope that everyone we met in town that day is doing ok. This…

Call Center – WIRED Italy

March 16, 20201:37 pm
Back in mid February, just a week before Italy became the epicenter of the Covid-19 crisis, I spent a day at a call center on assignment for WIRED Italy. This call center handles both incoming and outgoing calls, meaning they field customer service calls for huge companies, and they also cold-call to sell goods and…

Laura Kaplan – The Guardian Weekend

January 21, 202012:39 pm
A few days after the new year I travelled to Woodstock, New York to photograph Laura Kaplan for The Guardian Weekend magazine. In the late 60’s and early 70’s, Laura was part of an organization called Jane, a group of feminists who facilitated underground abortions before they became legal in the United States. Laura Barton…

Bruce de Ste Croix

May 5, 20199:23 am
Not only is Bruce de Ste Croix a historian of the AIDS crisis, but he’s also a long-term survivor of it. Bruce was diagnosed in 1984, and it wasn’t until 1996 that the life-saving drug cocktails became available. He attributes his survival during those 12 years to the work he did with people who were infected. ⠀⠀⠀

Hamburg, Iowa – A Town in the Wake of Disaster

December 5, 201911:57 am
This past March, the town of Hamburg, Iowa was devastated by Missouri River flooding. With less than 72 hours notice, 169 of 560 homes were under water, and nearly all of Hamburg’s businesses were too. What does a disaster like this mean for a small town and its residents? My good friend Jaka Vinsek and…

Ben Rosen – Bloomberg Markets

October 8, 201911:29 am
Tech veteran Ben Rosen at his home in Connecticut for Bloomberg Markets. Many thanks to Photo Editor Donna Cohen.

The Red Dirt Road Spectacular

September 19, 20197:10 pm
Last weekend I hung out with some of my favorite people at a cabin on Lake Martin in Alabama. Most of our time was spent on that dock or in the water, but the highlight was the talent show on the last night.

Larry & Marg O’Neil – Collectors’ Island

September 14, 20196:01 pm
Larry and Marg O’Neil have been obsessed with cast-iron cookware since the early 1990s. Now they’ve amassed some fourteen thousand pieces in their collection – forty-two tons (38,000 kilos) of sand-cast ferrous metal that they’ve wrangled back to their property in Tacoma, just south of Seattle. “What is it that makes people collect things? Larry…

White Mountains – Hiking the Presidential Traverse

September 4, 20196:21 pm
Last weekend I hiked the Presidential Traverse in New Hampshire with my friends Edward and Wade. These first two videos are some drone footage from two different peaks, and below are some pictures I took along the way.

Hiroshi Murase – Collectors’ Island

September 6, 20195:34 pm
Arimatsu, the capital of Shibori tie-dyeing, is a small suburb of the city of Nagoya, which is located about 200 miles southeast of Tokyo. From the early 1600’s until the early 1900’s, Shibori was the town’s most important industry, until outsourcing to South Korea and China shifted most of the business out of town. In…

Francine de Corbez – Collectors’ Island

August 22, 20195:19 pm
Francine de Corbez is obsessed with Chinese teapots. This intrigue began in the late 1980’s when she and her husband Michel travelled regularly between Paris and China – Michel worked as a flight attendant on the Asian routes and speaks Mandarin. This resulted in a collection of over 300 teapots, some going as far back…

Patrick de Maillard – Collectors’ Island

August 1, 20195:08 pm
Patrick de Maillard is a collector of boucharouite and zindekh Moroccan rugs, both of which are made with scraps of cut-up and knotted rags found in local souks (outdoor markets). “Moroccans are ashamed of them because they’re made of their old clothing and are thus a symbol of poverty,” says Maillard. But in recent years…

Françoise Darmon – Collectors’ Island

July 17, 20193:34 pm
Françoise Darmon ventured into conceptual and minimal art in the late 1970’s when she abandoned her pharmacy studies to focus on contemporary art at The École du Louvre. “At that time, the scope of studies had not gone beyond postwar American abstract expressionism. If you wanted to know the artists of our own times, you…

The Founders of Sweetgreen – Fortune Magazine

July 7, 201911:38 am
A few weeks ago I photographed Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru and Nicolas Jammet, the founders of Sweetgreen for Fortune magazine. Many thanks to Photo Editor Armin Harris.

Teo Yang – Collectors’ Island

July 3, 20194:44 pm
Teo Yang did not become a collector by chance. Some of his most cherished pieces were handed to him by his paternal grandparents who had to flee their home during the Korean War (1950–53).Ninety percent of the family’s collection was lost in their exile to Busan, in the south of the country. Every word Teo…

Gabriel Barbier-Mueller – Collectors’ Island

June 20, 20192:06 pm
Gabriel Barbier-Mueller has assembled one of the world’s largest collections of Japanese armor. Mueller grew up in Geneva and in 1979 moved to Dallas where he met his wife, Ann. After gathering more than 1,500 objects, including more than 70 full suits of armor, they opened The Samurai Collection in Dallas, Texas in 2012. Each…

Salvatore Bumbello – Collectors’ Island

June 1, 201912:00 pm
Salvatore Bumbello is a puppet maker who does most of his work for the Antonio Pasqualino International Puppet Museum in Palermo, Italy.  Traditional Sicilian marionettes, called pupi, provided a popular form of entertainment from the early 1800’s until the 1960’s when audiences lost interest, likely due to the omnipresence of television. Salvatore is one of…