Landscapes from an interesting year

December 9, 2010 4:08 pm

When people ask me what I do I usually say I’m a portrait photographer. I always think it’s too vague to just say photographer so I throw that extra word in there most of the time. I’m often so preoccupied taking pictures of people that I rarely take the time to look behind me at some of the amazing scenery. I’m very lucky to travel a lot for my work and this year has been no exception. So here are a few pictures from the rare times I actually turned around and took a picture of something that didn’t have a person as the main subject matter.
In August I was on assignment for New York Magazine doing a story about he Islamic center near ground zero. During one of the prayer services I slipped out and took this photo of the shoe room. Mine are the only pair of converse in the middle.

In July I went to Alabama to photograph people affected by the oil spill. This was taken at the seaside in Bayou La Batre.

Just a few days before the fourth of July I took this picture with my iPhone on Cape Cod.

This was taken in May from a sled while I was being pulled out to the whale hunt in Barrow, Alaska.

In late November I traveled to Ethiopia to photograph a story for the Italian magazine L’espresso. I took this just as a torrential downpour started and these women were scrambling to get to shelter.

This was taken with my iPhone at a supermarket in Minnesota. I just found it amazing that one brand of toothpaste could have so many different varieties — and apparently one of them is way more popular than the others.


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