Boston Marathoner Jody Mattie for Runner’s World

April 15, 2014 11:36 am

A year ago today Jody Mattie ran the Boston Marathon and finished well before the bombs went off. He’s the second victim of the attack who I photographed for Runner’s World. But unlike Dave Fortier, Jody wasn’t hit by the bomb directly. Jody ran the marathon with an awful cold and when he finished his legs locked up so bad that he wasn’t able to walk. His dehydration was exactly what the first aid tent was set up for, and since he was one of the first to be admitted he was placed at the tent’s entrance. After hearing the two explosions it was only a matter of minutes until everything changed. He watched as the tent was turned into a trauma center and many of the most injured victims were brought right past his bed. He asked numerous times to leave so his bed could be used for more important patients, but he was on a drip and not allowed to do so. Jody saw gruesome awful things and now he suffers from severe PTSD.

In February I spent a morning with him near his home in Truro, Nova Scotia. He said the most important tool in his recovery has been long distance running. Next Monday he’ll run Boston once again.

Many thanks to Photo Editor Michele Ervin.

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  • Ben says:

    I am his son Ben Mattie and I would like you to know that I follow in his footsteps as a runner and as a person. I’m only 12 years old but when I’m old enough I’m gonna run Boston like he did

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