The Financial Times — Growing Up Muslim In America

July 20, 20139:00 am
A generation of Muslim Americans has come of age in the shadow of 9/11, amid a climate that ranges from low-level paranoia to verbal abuse and vandalism. In response, some embrace their faith more fervently, others live in self-imposed isolation. Anna Fifield reports from Bay Ridge, home to a strong Muslim-American community in Brooklyn. To…

The Way to Whittier

December 4, 20126:36 am
On our first morning in Alaska, we rose before the sun did, but that’s not much of a feat here. In December the sun is a lazy fellow, showing up around 10 am and skimming the mountains until about 4, giving the whole day a dusky-dawny feel.

The Seven Percent — Gallery Images & Video

November 26, 201212:07 pm
Last month was the opening of my collaboratvie exhibition with photographer Michael De Pasquale and writer Annalisa Merelli, The Seven Percent. An estimated 200 people showed up, and those who enjoyed it most were of Indian descent, so to us it was a big hit. We were so immersed in last-minute details and planning, however,…

The Seven Percent — The Faces of India’s New Economy

August 10, 20122:04 pm
In December I travelled to India with two of my friends, Michael Depasquale and Annalisa Merelli. Our goal was to wrap our heads around India’s rapidly growing economy. Time and time again I read that India would be the world’s superpower, but I never saw that aspect reflected in photos. Instead, what I saw were…