We can’t wait.

April 6, 2012 4:28 pm

On a sunny Friday afternoon somewhere in Brooklyn two of the adventurers’ work with machine precision to complete and deliver the first gallery application for Abstracts of Change. A heart pounding bike ride into Soho, and a few close calls later, the package was delivered on time. On the road back to Brooklyn one of the adventures has a moment to look back and reflect. From the first second it was conceived, walking out of the opening of Mired in the Bayou, to the defeating layover in Istanbul after a month spent in India. The other adventurer is at home editing down the final quotes and doing some reflecting of his own. The road trip from New Delhi to Jaipur was the first thing that came to mind. After 7 hours of swerving into oncoming traffic, dodging semi trucks loaded 3 times their maximum capacity, we realized that we were meant to get home and tell these 15 people’s stories.

We can’t wait.


  • riedeseldm says:

    Reed, surely this unique cultural essay will find a gallery home. I hope I can come see it. Keep us posted.

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