The Man With Two Brains – Golf Magazine

A couple of decades ago, when Columbia Business School professor Mark Broadie started noodling with golf stats, he couldn’t have known that his pioneering analytics would radically alter the game. The strokes-gained guru is still laser focused on his university gig, But his mind is deep in swing thoughts.

Many thanks to Photo Editor Jesse Reiter. Text and captions written by Josh Sens.

From his snug office at Columbia, Broadie plays an analytical game with which a growing number of top Tour pros have grown familiar.

A former club champion at his home course, Broadie still sneaks out on the rare occasions when time allows.

To his peers and protégés at Columbia Business School, where he has taught since ’83, Broadie is known as the Carson Family Professor of Business, with and expertise in the pricing of derivative securities. But to members of golf’s firmament, he’s something of a walking Watson—as in the computer, not Tom [one of the world’s best golfers in the 70’s and 80’s].

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