My new neighbors

November 11, 2010 9:13 pm

My good friend Matt Prins asked me and 25 other artists to make a small book and send it to him. His only direction was that we must each begin our title with a specific letter of the alphabet. He gave me the letter Y. So mine is called “You never know who lives in next door.” I spent last Saturday morning walking around my new neighborhood speaking with different people and taking their portraits. Some invited me into their home and some into their place of work. I’m glad I got to know a few people in my community, even if it was just for a short chat.


  • I love these photos. (1st and the 3rd especially)

    • reedyoung says:

      Thanks Ema. I’m glad you like them. The first picture is the man that lives downstairs in my building. His name is Erving and he’s 87 years old. I see him all the time so when I left the house to take the pictures he was the first person I came across.

  • raw chil says:

    Erving does not look a day older than 92 in this shot! I don’t think you could have captured a better facial expression if you took 984 more photos! I love this shot.
    I’m glad someone still uses a landline!

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