Location scouting at PEK

January 17, 2012 4:01 am

I’m in Beijing shooting part one of an advertising campaign for China Southern Airlines. Part two will come next month at the airline’s home airport in the city of Guangzhou. But for some reason we’re shooting the first part here in Beijing. The problem with shooting outside of the home airport is the incredible amount of bureaucracy in trying to produce the job. But after 2 days of finagling they decided to let us visit the location today. Below are some pictures I made — and the last shot is just a treat that came across at lunch after the airport.


  • David says:

    Love it man, great shots, especially sleeping lady.

  • baobabs says:

    awww miss beijing. welcome to china. i’m sure u’ll get round it. its such a different world altogether. and favourite lunch time past time – sleeping on table.

    email if u need tips/eats. i lived there for 4 years until moving to HK last feb! and if u have time, check out the opposite house in beijing on sanlitun road!

    big hugs


  • Warrren Riedesel says:

    Reed, an exciting assignment for you. Cool! Great irony in the shot of the guy riding the three-wheeled bicycle (tricycle?) thru the hangar beneath state-of-the-art Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Wish I were there with you! I LOVE photo shoots but mine are mundane compared to yours. The big difference is your locations: Lots more fun that the cornfields I find myself in.

  • jaka says:

    Reed.. love it.. first two shots..

  • raw chil says:

    3rd and 4th shots might be my fav. I’m kinda into all those lines.

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