Interview with The Times of India

October 8, 2012 11:03 am

The Times of India has a daily circulation of four million three hundred thousand, the largest of any English-language newspaper in the world. So when they contacted us late last week to do a feature about The Seven Percent we were humbled to say the least. It came out on Saturday as a first page feature – covering the entire page!

To view the story/interview click here to view a pdf:

The online version doesn’t feature near as many pictures and isn’t as beautiful. But if you’d  prefer that version click here.

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  • Debbie Smith says:

    I wish we would have had more time to talk about this when we were at the Bru House. Do you know how your subjects felt about the final product and being featured in the newspaper? Was it hard finding people to allow you to photograph them? How did you find them? Did they welcome you into their homes? Did they give you any gifts? What a fascinating experience. Your photos really are awesome. Wish I could go to your show. After reading this article, I now understand the pictures on the invite. What an interesting concept to include their plates. Again – congratulations Reed and thanks for sharing.

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