Igor Belousenko – Collectors’ Island

July 10, 2018 10:21 am

Igor Belousenko has put together an important – but rather unusual – portrait gallery, with each of his heroes personified by a Montblanc fountain pen.

“Once, when I was in São Paulo, I found out that there were three Montblanc boutiques. I went to visit them and discovered a fountain pen dedicated to Voltaire. He wasn’t of interest in Brazil and the box was all faded and dusty because, for ten years, it had been moved from pillar to post. But it was certainly worth discovering – the pens positively gleamed as no one had ever touched them.” Belousenko also became interested in limited edition Montblanc pens dedicated to figures of historical importance other than writers: patrons of art, artisans and musicians, for instance. The addition of these new items means that the collection has grown considerably, and now has over 200 pens. Unlike most collectors for whom communion with the objects of their passion represents a moment of intimacy, and who are reluctant to allow outsiders into their world, Belousenko actually wants other people to see his pens. While the writers’ series is kept in the library at his house, a special space has been created to exhibit the remaining part of the collection at “Berlin House” in the center of Moscow.

Each year the Genevan watchmaker Vacheron Costantin releases an art book titled Collectors’ Island, this year I photographed the entire book and this is one of eight stories included.

Many thanks to Bradley Seymour at Studio Sibling for the invaluable creative direction, and to Lara LoCalzo for her exceptional work as Editorial Manager. All text and captions written by Alexander Rymkevich.

Montblanc pens from the series dedicated to Andy Warhol, 2015.

The collection of Dr. Igor Belousenko includes over 200 Montblanc pens from different limited editions commemorating writers, patrons of the arts, musicians and artists.

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