Gettin it done Chandigarh style

December 16, 2011 7:37 am

After 6 hours of driving through what seemed like a visual history of mankind, we arrived in India’s beloved Chandigarh — one of the wealthiest cities in the country. With pride, everyone will tell you the city was planned first and then built – so it was an eye opener to see a city in this country that functions so well. On this trip we had the pleasure of working with the charming and well-connected journalist Mahima Kaul… In the background, the doctor began his training as a photo assistant.


  • wow! curious to see the result!

  • raw chil says:

    the enclosed plates on the table are brilliant. so much more efficient than a flat plate where food falls over the edge. my goodness is the U.S. far less developed than commonly understood.

    I love the shot of the guy behind the bar and Mike D holding the light. so good on very different fronts.

  • Richard Gottesman says:

    Hi Reed,

    Impressive, very cool !

    You’re my favorite international photo journalist !

    Looking forward to when next I see you,

    Dick Gottesman

  • Gurnihal Singh Pirzada says:

    Very Impressive pictures at Mr. Gogi Sibia’s house. Look forward to having the CD for the other pictures from Chandigarh.

    Great Work!

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