Etsy for Inc. Magazine

December 4, 2013 10:11 am

Just before Halloween I spent a day shooting at Etsy’s company headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. I was there on assignment for Inc. Magazine and the place was full of life like no office I’ve seen before. On the surface it seems like Etsy is doing incredibly well under their new CEO Chad Dickerson. In only 2 years their sales have tripled and daily traffic is up 110% since he took the helm. But many of Etsy’s purists are accusing him of selling the company out.

“At issue is what belongs in the Etsy marketplace. The individual artisans who helped build the company from scratch believe handmade goods should be just that, nothing more. This sounds reasonable enough–until a successful seller finds herself unable to meet demand and has no choice but to leave Etsy if she wants to expand her business. There are countless examples of exactly that happening.” You can read more Tom Foster’s piece in Inc. by picking up the December/January issue of the magazine.

Below I’ve included some of the images that ran in magazine as well as a few outtakes from the shoot.

A special thanks to Photo Editor Travis Ruse.

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