Early Decision for TIME — Outtakes

March 7, 2012 11:43 am

One of the many reasons it’s interesting to work for TIME magazine is because the editorial space is so tight; stories are constantly shifted and features often cut in order to accommodate breaking or world news coverage. I was pleasantly surprised that the TIME editors decided to extend the story I shot from four to five pages—but that still left only enough space for three images.

I’ve found that it’s rare for editors to pick the same images I would for a story (TIME did that and I was very happy about it, but it’s rare). Many fellow photographers say, Never send a picture you don’t like, because they’ll usually end up running them. I disagree. I appreciate the collaborative effort between myself and the photo editor. Sometimes he or she will choose a final image I never particularly liked that I’ll end up loving in print. I’ve realized that my emotional attachment to a photo can sometimes affect my judgment. It’s so subjective that I always try to send a wide selection to chose from.

The below shoot for TIME was no exception. I sent around thirty pictures in total; sometimes a few of the same situation. The first three are the ones they decided to use; the rest are outtakes.

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