Catherine Martin for The Guardian

February 7, 2015 12:13 pm

I was honored to have the opportunity for my pictures of Catherine Martin to be a part of this beautiful Oscars portfolio featured in The Guardian Weekend Magazine today.

Catherine Martin has won four Oscars: best costume design and art direction for Moulin Rouge (2002), and best costume design and production design for The Great Gatsby (2014).


Here is what Catherine had to say about her experience attending the oscars: The first thing I do is rush to look at the programme, to see where my categories come in the proceedings. If I’m nominated, I’m usually so nervous and dry-mouthed that I am desperate for a champers, but you’ve got to pace yourself. You can nip out to the bar while someone fills your seat, but I don’t let myself drink before the award is announced. When you win, it is more about what it does for your peers, the people who worked with you and put their heart and soul into it. It gives them something very nice to put on their cv. That’s certainly how I felt with the last two, for The Great Gatsby. It was a bit like The Hunger Games... I had a sense that my village was rooting for me and that they would be very disappointed if I didn’t bring it back for them. I felt relieved I wouldn’t have to go and tell the village that I hadn’t done right by them. My husband [Oscar-nominated director Baz Lurhmann] is surprisingly proud and generous about my four Oscars. He does bring it up a lot and says things like, “Well, you do have four Oscars”, but in a very good-natured way. He likes to say I have the most Oscars of any Australian or French person – I have both passports. I tend not to think about them that much. I’ve got two kids, who show minimal interest. I can be at a premiere and my daughter will text, “I can’t find my gym uniform”, and I’ll reply, “Have you tried looking in the laundry on top of the washing machine?” Many thanks to Photo Editors Caroline Hunter & Karin Andreasson Hair and makeup: Jojo Pensinger

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