Diceman for The Guardian

March 4, 20179:04 am
In early January I drove upstate to Canaan, New York to photograph George Cockroft, a fiction writer who goes by the pen name Luke Rhinehart. In the early 70’s he wrote a controversial book called The Diceman, which was banned in several countries and went on to become a cult classic. I have a hard time reading fiction…

Thomas McGovern for Smithsonian Magazine

February 15, 201710:10 am
Thomas McGovern is an archaeologist who has spent the last 40 years studying the history of the Vikings and their short time in Greenland. Last month Smithsonian Magazine sent me to photograph him at his home in outside of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Check out the story in the March issue. Many thanks to Photo Editor Brendan McCabe.

Galila Barzilai’s Eyes

January 23, 20175:51 am
Galila Barzilaï has an obsession with eyes. Her collection, which is piled into the annex of her home outside Brussels, is a huge assortment of fine art, flea market finds, and eye-themed knick-knacks, with many pieces still wrapped in unopened boxes. The playful collection is a reflection of Galila’s character, charming with a sense of…

Snowshoeing in Vermont

January 9, 20179:17 am
This weekend we hiked to the Stratton Fire Tower in Vermont. We started here and hiked about 7 miles to the top.  

The World’s Largest Collection of Vinyl Records – Vacheron Costantin

December 15, 20166:23 am
Zero Freitas has the largest collection of vinyl records in the world – six million and counting, most of them are stacked haphazardly in boxes in a 25,000-square-foot former candle factory in São Paulo. An impulsive collector, he regularly buys entire collections that he finds through classified ads he takes out in Billboard magazine, and…

Canoe Camping in the Florida Everglades

December 13, 20166:48 am
KP and I just got got back from a long weekend canoe camping in the mangrove swamps of the Florida Everglades. We rented a canoe and set out on the Hells Bay Canoe trail for three nights. You can’t go on land in this part of the Everglades, so the park has built a handful…

My Neighbor Ned

December 2, 20162:54 pm
Ned has been my neighbor for the last 6 years. We talk often, mostly about politics. After spending 42 years as a music teacher in the New York City public school system, he retired this spring.

Philippe Decelle’s Plasticarium – Vacheron Costantin

November 16, 20162:32 pm
Belgian artist and engineer Philippe Decelle’s ‘Plasticarium’ is a collection of over 1000 plastic objects that he has been collecting for over three decades. Born out of a fascination for the plastic-heavy industrial design of the 1960s, the collection houses items dating from the years 1960-1973, from the iconic to the functional to the bizarre.…

British Columbia

September 8, 20166:11 am
In August we went to British Columbia to explore some of the provincial parks and do some serious hiking and camping. Below I’ve included a bunch of pictures from our trip. We flew to Vancouver without a plan, rented a car and chose to start near Squamish. We did research in the car on the…

Ralph Nader for Pacific Standard

June 13, 20169:17 am
In April Pacific Standard sent me on assignment to photograph Ralph Nader at his office in Washington D.C. He was being interviewed by Lydia DePillis about a wide range of topics, but the main focus was the current political landscape and its effect on the upcoming presidential election. I was only given permission to photograph him during the interview- he even asked his assistant to pass on a note that read “I don’t pose for for portraits”. But after the interview I asked him to walk over to a white wall so that I could take a few more pictures of him. I got 3 shots in and then he was done.

Ettore Spalletti for Apollo

May 31, 201611:10 am
In March Apollo sent me to Pescara, Italy on assignment to photograph Italian artist Ettore Spalletti in his studio. Spalletti’s work is a mix of painting and sculpture and his beautiful studio is more of a showroom than a working space. He’s a very quiet and thoughtful person and I had the pleasure of spending an hour with him over a huge lunch.

WIRED — Enter the Lair of Obsessed Audio Gear Wizard Jonathan Weiss

April 22, 201610:08 am
In early February I spent a day in an old grist mill shooting for WIRED. It’s the home and laboratory of Jonathan Weiss, the owner of Oswalds Mill Audio, a bespoke audio equipment company. Below are some of the pictures I took that day — also have a look at the article by clicking here. Many thanks to Photo Editor Christie Hemm Klok.


February 7, 20163:10 pm
KP and I took a little trip to Laos over New Years. We met up in Luang Prabang and spent the next ten days visiting some really beautiful and remote places in the northern part of the country. We travelled by bus, boat, and tuk-tuk, and got to do a little hiking, a little cycling, and a lot of relaxing.

Tibi Spring 2016

February 1, 20163:02 pm
Tibi’s new Spring 2016 collection.

Esquire — Pitti Uomo’s Best Dressed

January 17, 20162:24 pm
Pitti Uomo is a biannual menswear trade show in Florence, Italy. This season Esquire Magazine wanted to do something a little different from the typical street style shoots for the event – so in collaboration with Instagram they asked me to set up a portable photo studio. Along with Senior Style Editor Jonathan Evans, I spent two days photographing the best dressed men.

Linda Fargo for Bergdorf Goodman

December 20, 20152:04 pm
Linda Fargo is the senior vice president of the fashion office and store presentation at Bergdorf Goodman in New York. These pictures will be used to promote her newly designed jewelry salon.

Fortune Magazine — 2016 Investor Roundtable

December 15, 20151:47 pm
Each year Fortune asks five smart investors where they plan to put their money in the year ahead. 

Popular Mechanics — Inside the Koch Brothers’ Industrial Empire

October 22, 20154:09 am
From a toilet paper factory in the bayous of Louisiana to a biodiesel plant surrounded by corn fields in Nebraska, I got a firsthand look inside one of America’s biggest and most controversial corporations.

Camping in Canada

October 1, 20159:51 am
Back in mid In August, KP and I spent a week hiking and camping in Banff and Jasper National Parks in Alberta, Canada. Below I’ve posted some pictures from out trip.

Claudia Delfin for Oxford American

October 1, 20156:21 am
A few years ago I went to El Paso, Texas to document a small neighborhood that’s often been dubbed ground zero for the national debate on immigration. After the story ran in Time magazine’s Lightbox I heard from Jonathan Blitzer, a writer who wanted to get in touch with one of the subjects from my story.…

Michael Welner for Pacific Standard

August 25, 20155:39 am
For the last decade, forensic psychiatrist Michael Welner has led a curious, self-funded effort to create something he calls the Depravity Standard, a crowd-sourced instrument for objectively scoring the level of evil associated with humanity’s most twisted crimes. But can a scientist really define the outer edges of our morality? To read the article in…

Speaking at the Apple Store in SoHo

June 22, 20156:31 am
This evening I’ll be speaking about my work at the Apple Store in SoHo. It’s part of a lecture series sponsored by the New York Chapter of American Photographic Artists (APA|NY). I’ll start by telling the story of how I used my friend’s portfolio to get into a prestigious art school, even though I had…

Aziz Ansari for The Guardian

June 9, 20156:51 am
A few weeks ago I photographed Aziz Ansari and it was published yesterday on the cover of G2, The Guardian’s daily features supplement. The article references Aziz’s new book on Modern Romance and I was restricted to a dark sound stage without the possibility of bringing props, so my solution had to be quick and simple. I decided that I’d ask him to…

The 40th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon

May 4, 20158:42 am
Last Thursday was the 40th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, a turning point that marked the end of the war in Vietnam. In anticipation of this milestone, The New York Times featured the Vietnam story on the Lens blog. Today it’s on page 2 of The International New York Times. I’ve posted the two different versions…