Jacqueline Lecarme – Collectors’ Island

May 25, 20193:25 pm
The Belgian artist Jacqueline Lecarme has been collecting objects made of the plastic compound Galalith (aka Erinoid) for more than 30 years. She uses these pieces to create what she calls “a world of fantasy made of combs, hair grips, buttons, belt buckles, and other feminine accessories.” Her pieces — long-legged, bug-eyed spiders, a diamond-stealing…

Rosario Perricone – Collectors’ Island

May 14, 20191:03 pm
The winter garden of the former Hotel de France, once Palermo’s most prestigious hotel, now houses the Antonio Pasqualino International Marionette Museum. It is the physical manifestation of a dream to preserve a form of theatre that has meant so much in Sicilian history: the Opera dei Pupi. Founded in 1975, the museum is now…

Gus Powell – Vrij Nederland

May 2, 20199:56 am
I spent an hour walking the streets with Gus Powell, one of my favorite photographers, for a story about his work in the Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland. The story was beautifully written by Robin van den Maagdenberg, it was originally printed in dutch and can be viewed here – I’ve included it below theses photos…


April 3, 20199:47 am
UPDATE! April 3rd, 2019: National Geographic has published this story here.  Bari is a small city located on Southern Italy’s Adriatic Coast. The first time I visited was in 2009, I was there to help my friend Antonio Piccirilli on a shoot for his fashion collection. During our short stay I started to realize what…

2019 Investor Roundtable – Fortune Magazine

December 1, 20182:47 pm
Each year Fortune asks five smart investors where they plan to put their money in the year ahead. This was my second opportunity to photograph the roundtable panelists, three years ago I photographed the 2016 panelists as well. Many thanks to Photo Editor Armin Harris.

Eugenio Amos’ Redesigned Lancia Delta – Esquire Italy

November 15, 201811:00 am
Fiat Chrysler killed the Lancia a few years ago, but Eugenio Amos was determined to keep it alive. He redesigned the famous Delta by making it a wider, carbon-fiber version of its former self, with more than a 1000 replaced components. Esquire Italy sent me on assignment to spend the day with Amos in the…

The Four Waves of A.I. – Fortune Magazine

November 1, 20182:12 pm
Artificial intelligence algorithms can perceive and interpret the world around us, may soon be capable of emotions and creativity, and yet are still far from matching overall human intelligence. Kai-Fu Lee is a venture capitalist, author, and an expert on the future of A.I. and its inevitable integration into our society. Many thanks to Photo…

The Man With Two Brains – Golf Magazine

October 15, 20181:44 pm
A couple of decades ago, when Columbia Business School professor Mark Broadie started noodling with golf stats, he couldn’t have known that his pioneering analytics would radically alter the game. The strokes-gained guru is still laser focused on his university gig, But his mind is deep in swing thoughts. Many thanks to Photo Editor Jesse…

Vittorio Livi – Collectors’ Island

August 1, 201810:25 am
At the historical Villa Miralfiore located in Pesaro, Italy, Vittorio Livi has assembled the world’s largest collection of transparent objects by the greatest designers and architects of the last thirty years, from Cini Boeri and Vico Magistretti to Philippe Starck and Massimiliano Fuksas. “I immediately understood the allure and potential of glass, this material that…

Igor Belousenko – Collectors’ Island

July 10, 201810:21 am
Igor Belousenko has put together an important – but rather unusual – portrait gallery, with each of his heroes personified by a Montblanc fountain pen. “Once, when I was in São Paulo, I found out that there were three Montblanc boutiques. I went to visit them and discovered a fountain pen dedicated to Voltaire. He…

Frank Nievergelt – Collectors’ Island

June 12, 201812:13 pm
Frank Nievergelt is obsessed with contemporary ceramic artwork. Over the course of his travels to the ateliers of artists, visits that continue to allow him to weave enduring friendships, Frank Nievergelt progressively expands his collection, bringing home new pieces in his luggage that will soon find their place in the barn of the large farm in…

Éric Touchaleaume – Collectors’ Island

June 10, 201812:12 pm
Éric Touchaleaume is obsessed with 20th century avant-garde art and architecture. Much of his life has been dedicated to seeking out and preserving the very rare prefabricated buildings of Jean Prouvé. He lives and works in Hotel Martel, a building in Paris the he restored to its original form, exactly like the influential architect Mallet-Stevens…

Hubert De Malherbe – Collectors’ Island

June 8, 20183:52 pm
Hubert De Malherbe has an obsession with colored glass. He spends a lot of his free time searching through the flea markets of Paris for just the right piece to use for his sculptural design work. “I see words in color. Do you know what synaesthesia is? All my memories are built on that. I associate letters and sounds…

Michelle Wolf for The Guardian Weekend

June 3, 20189:14 am
In late April Michelle Wolf hosted the White House corespondents’ dinner, a month later she launched her own sketch comedy show on Netflix. Between those two events I had the pleasure to spend a few minutes photographing her for The Guardian Weekend magazine. Many thanks to photo editors Kate Edwards and Caroline Hunter.    

Gail McGovern, President of the American Red Cross for AARP

June 1, 20181:47 pm
In late April, AARP sent me to Washington D.C. to photograph Gail McGovern, the President and CEO of the American Red Cross. Check out the interview by clicking here. Many thanks to photo editor Katrina Zook, and everyone else in the photo department at AARP.

Snapped at BG

May 30, 20182:02 pm
For three years, I spent a day each month photographing the people who shop at Bergdorf Goodman. I stopped interesting customers, conducted a short interview, and took their portraits. Below are some examples of my favorites. Many thanks to Chloe King for making this project possible.

The Rise of the Prescription Pet – The Guardian

May 12, 20189:43 am
I shot these pictures for a story about emotional support animals in this weekend’s Guardian Weekend magazine. Joan the bulldog’s owner, Marisa Meltzer, wrote the story. Also featured is a young woman named Emily Cline and her Italian Greyhound Calvin. Many thanks to Photo Editors Caroline Hunter and Kate Edwards. Art direction by Maggie Murphy.


April 6, 20186:16 am
Stepanakert is a sleepy town located in Southwestern Azerbaijan. However, the 2015 census concluded that not a single Azerbaijani lives among the town’s 55,000 residents. Nagorno-Karabakh, the region where Stepanakert lies, is a Christian Armenian enclave within Muslim Azerbaijan. Created by an ill-conceived Soviet land division, it has been fighting for independence from Azerbaijan for…

TIME’s New Editor-in-Chief

February 26, 20181:22 pm
TIME Magazine’s new Editor-in-Chief, Edward Felsenthal, for the magazine of his alma mater, MUS Today. Many thanks to Liz Copeland at MUS Today & Paul Moakley at TIME for the great assignment.

Joyce Maynard for AARP Magazine

December 18, 20172:57 pm
In late April I travelled to northern California to photograph Joyce Maynard for AARP Magazine. The pictures were for an article she wrote about a break-in that occurred one night while she was sleeping. After spending the morning together taking pictures for the article, she mentioned her upcoming memoir about the loss of her husband…

Wonder Book

November 30, 20173:10 pm
Earlier this year I was given an assignment to shoot all the employees of a small company called Wonder that manufactures tire valves in Northern Italy. The portraits were to be published in a book to be given to each employee as a gift to celebrate Wonder’s 50th anniversary. Just yesterday I received my copy…

Nile Rodgers for The Guardian

September 10, 20173:18 pm
On April 7th, Nile Rodgers was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I was assigned by The Guardian to photograph him getting ready for his big night. Many thanks to Photo Editors Caroline Hunter & Kate Edwards. Styling by Ramses Alexandre and Grooming by Laura Mitchell.

Third Man Pressing – Popular Mechanics

June 27, 20178:34 am
In Detroit, Jack White’s Third Man Records has opened the most beautiful record pressing plant on the planet. As their black-and-yellow jumpsuited workers press everything from White Stripes LPs to vintage Detroit gospel recordings, they make a case for a medium produced just the way music is: by hand, by artists. Check out Kevin Dupzyk’s…


March 13, 20173:25 pm
I traveled to the the small town of Cremona, Italy to photograph the employees of Wonder, a manufacturer that produces tire valves. Wonder’s CEO, Matteo Gosi, decided to make a book featuring portraits of all the employees for the company’s 70th anniversary. Wonder is a family-owned business that prides itself on employing 50% women, many…