John Oliver for The Guardian

June 10, 2013 5:45 am

Starting today Jon Stewart is taking a three month leave from The Daily Show to direct a film. In his absence he asked John Oliver, one of his chief corespondents, to fill in for him. A few weeks ago I was at The Daily Show studios to photograph him for The Guardian Weekend Magazine.

When asked to bring props I thought back to one of Oliver’s famous bits about gun control. Of course in New York City one can rent an exact replica of any gun in a matter of about 45 minutes—so I picked up an M16 assault rifle and a Glock. When the Comedy Central PR  team asked for a list of what I’d be bringing I got a few laughs, which meant I was in good company.

Click here to read Oliver Burkeman’s article that appeared in Saturday’s magazine. 

A special thanks to:
Photo Editors Kate Edwards & Caroline Hunter
John Oliver and the comedy central PR team.
Hair & Makeup by Jillian Halouska
Styling by Rhice Mannelli Brewer

Below are some of the images that ran in the magazine.

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