Italian Dubbers Project — More Behind the Scenes

February 2, 2014 11:34 am

With only 3 days left in Rome the dubbers project is almost finished. Due to crazy non stop rain a few of the shoots have been postponed till tomorrow and Tuesday. It’ll be a busy week but I’m looking forward to wrapping the shoot and going home to New York on Thursday. Below are some more outtakes from the last few shoots.

Kirsten Dunst's dubber coming down the steps of Villa Torlonia getting ready to shoot Melancholia

Trying to figure out a way to focus my camera that would be mounted to the ceiling

Martina and our ceiling camera mount

Showing Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening's dubbers the pictures after our shoot

A bunch of weirdos

Martina and her fancy Pontiac

Black Swan location scouting

Shooting in the library at the American Academy in Rome

Location scouting Appia Antica

The locals at Bar San Calisto where we shot Fight Club.

Federica Di Valerio giving Edward Norton's dubber a black eye.

Before and after

Another Fight Club outtake

Eating breakfast after shooting Silence of the Lambs

Samual L Jackson and John Travola's dubbers.

Federica Di Valerio and the bloody Fiat 500.

Giving direction during the Pulp Fiction shoot.

Post shoot. Martina on the left, Federica cleaning the car, and Gianni who owns the car on the right.

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