Barrow Alaska — Five Years Later

April 27, 2015 10:48 am

5 years ago today I landed in Barrow, Alaska with my good friend Rachel. We were there to profile the northernmost city in the United States and you can view the story by clicking here.

Below I’ve included some of the behind the scenes from our trip.

Baggage claim at the Barrow Airport

A street corner in Barrow

Photo op!

Inflation is incredibly high because there are no roads to Barrow, everything must be flown in.

Rachel wearing a jacket that the natives make by hand. On this rather mild spring day in early May, temperatures rose to almost 25 degrees Fahrenheit (-4 degrees Celsius).

Our ride to the whale hunt.

Iñupiat people wear white so the whales don't spot them.

An off moment alter setting up camp.

That's me on the left talking shop with Tom Brower, one of the crew members.

Captain Quilling on the lookout for whales.

The chase

The chase

Cooking whale meat.

Talking to their friends outside as the cold air pours in.

That 4 wheeler was our main mode of transportation. Not sure if I'd recommend a vehicle with such exposure to the extreme cold temperatures.

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